New Year’s Resolution: Work Out More


I always struggle with New Year’s Resolutions. I like a clean slate as much as the next girl, but I don’t see why January 1 has to be the new beginning. Plus, I typically keep indulging in Christmas cookies until mid-January (then start again once Girl Scout Cookies arrive in March), so it’s slightly hypocritical for me to pledge to work out more and eat better at the beginning of the year. However, being the planner that I am, I’ve been ordering cute workout gear in preparation. It also serves as motivation. What are your workout essentials?

Fitness Bracelet // Printed athletic tank // Shorts // Running Shoes // Sports Bra // Grey & Mint Running Shoes // Tory Burch FitBit // Foam Roller // Chevron Yoga Mat

Delight of the Day 11/15


Today’s Delight of the Day is super exciting for me. I’ve been a fan of Krass & Funnell for a while now, but they’ve only sold shorts for guys. Not anymore! They’ve introduced their first pair for women. The Seashell Shorts, $44.95, are a preppy take on Norts that I just adore. They only made 100 pairs, so make sure you order them soon! Take 20% off with code “seashells”!


And, for those days when it’s just too cold for shorts, these Thomas Kelly leggings I’m giving away will be perfect!

Thomas Kelly Giveaway

I’m super excited to announce a giveaway from Thomas Kelly, an adorable company that sells preppy workout clothing.Exercising is one of those things that we love to hate all need to do, so why not look adorable while doing it? Thomas Kelly has several different leggings, tanks, and cardigans that are perfect for those pilates and spinning classes!
Thomas Kelly graciously offered to give one Preppy Delight reader a pair of their Ladera Leggings in Navy/Gingham, which normally retail for $92. I’m slightly obsessed. You can enter the giveaway through my Facebook page or using this link. Make sure you do tasks 1 through 4, or you’ll automatically be disqualified. Any tasks that aren’t bolded aren’t mandatory, but they will give you a bunch of chances to win!
Good luck, dolls!