Holiday Gift Guides

Most of you probably did a tonnnn of damage during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. But there are always those people whose gift you just can’t seem to find. Rest assured, I have you covered. Click on each image for the deets!

For the Yourself, Your Sister, and Your BFFs

holiday gift guide

For the Guys in Your Life

holiday gift guide

For the Red, White, and Blue-Blooded American

holiday gift guide

My Croakies Dilemma

I’ve mentioned many times how much I support croakies. They’re seriously practical (just wait until you lose your brand new Ray-Bans in the ocean), and they’re a great way to express your personality. I have several pairs, but I would like to acquire a patriotic pair prior to summer’s end. I’ve narrowed it down to three choices, and I need your help!

There are the Old Glory Sunglass Straps (Tuckernuck, $23), the American Flag Needlepoint Sunglass Straps (Tucker Blair, $45) and the Stars and Stripes SHADESTRAPS (Knot Clothing, $20). How do I decide?!

And don’t forget to enter my The Page Girls giveaway/learn more about their launch!

Delight of the Day 4/25

As you know, I’ve been rather preoccupied with decorating my apartment for the past 4-5 months. If I’m being honest, I’ve been buying stuff for my apartment since college, so it’s really going on 3 years. Crap; I’m old. I own Ralph Lauren’s Glen Plaid Barware Collection, and I love, love, love it. So classic. But when I saw Tuckernuck’s America’s Cup Decanter Set, $70, I tried convincing The Boy we needed a bar cart in addition to the bar so I could order it. Unfortunately, he knocked some sense into me. Very inconsiderate. So, friends, be warned: if you move into a new apartment/house, you’re getting this set, and I’m coming over for drinks. Every night.

Delight of the Day 1/10

Today’s Delight of the Day is yet another dress I must add to my collection. Amongst the Lilly, Tuckernuck, and Vineyard Vines sales, my poor bank account is doomed! But I just can’t help myself – especially after seeing Vineyard Vines’ Maritime Stripe Bow Dress, $159.99. (Plus, use code WINTER1314 for 30% off!) Any dress with blue and white stripes is a dress after my own heart. Add adorable little bows? Yep. I’m done for. We can always make room for one more, right? 🙂

Delight of the Day 1/8

I’ve been lusting over today’s Delight of the Day for months. Sail to Sable’s The Flirty Dress is absolute perfection. However, I just couldn’t justify $248 on a dress. However, I was happily surprised to notice it’s now to $173. Is it still pricey? Yes. But it’s such a classic design that it will be perfect for all your fancy shmancy events in winters to come. Splurge, my dears!