I’ve Got My Toes in the Water

So I’m pretty much the luckiest girl in the world and was invited on a two week trip to Hilton Head, starting tomorrow – my 23 birthday! As such, I’m going to take the next two weeks off on my blog. I’ll still be tweeting away, so if you need your daily dose of Preppy Delight, you can head on over to my Twitter page.

Before I leave, I figured a beach post would be appropriate. Every prep loves his or her beach vacation, so I’m going to share my favorite beach essentials. Hope you enjoy!

Notte Stellata from Shabby Apple, $78

Seersucker Swimsuits from J.Crew, $29.99-82.00

Panache Lucille – Top, $53.92 and Bottom, $53.92

Odette Striped Bikini – Top, $100 and Bottom, $104

Biscayne Bay Bow Bikini Top from Heidi Klein – Top, $168 and Bottom, $136
(Definitely a little pricey, but you could always just buy the top and use basic navy bottoms!)

Bahama Map Chappy Trunks from Vineyard Vines, $79.50

Everette Seahorse Swim Trunks from J.McLaughlin, $95

Open Shoulder Cover-up from Victoria’s Secret, $59.50

Seersucker Tugs from Shop Tugs, $14
(These are super adorable and totally practical. You don’t want to lose your shades while cooling off in the ocean!)

Script Sunglasses from Pineapple Grove Gifts, $36.50

Folding Wayfarers from Ray-Ban, $150
(I personally own these, and I LOVE them. Worth every penny!)

Seersucker Frat Hat from Southern Proper, $25

USA Team Beach Towel from Ralph Lauren, $60

Everyday Beach Towel from Vineyard Vines, $95

Leather Sandals from Rainbow, $48.99
(These flip flops are my absolute favorite. If they break, Rainbow will actually replace them!)

Warehouse Canvas Spot Shopper from ASOS, $48.71

Sorority Tote from Vineyard Vines, $95
(Obviously not everyone is a Kappa, but they also have other sorority prints, university prints, and several other options!)

And last but not least: do NOT forget your sunscreen! Leathery skin isn’t cute on anyone, and I don’t want any of you to have to deal with skin cancer. Ever. My favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer formula, which you can get in an aerosol can or a regular bottle! Oh, and this SPF 50 ChapStick. You don’t want burnt lips, either.

Delight of the Day 5/14

Today’s Delight of the Day is the totally incredible Seven Seas in Seersucker Dress from Shabby Apple, $88. My friends at school used to joke that they could tell it was me from far away because I was always in ruffles or a cardigan, so, needless to say, I absolutely must add this ruffly seersucker perfection to my closet. I also really like that it has sleeves, because most of my summery dresses are sleeveless, which is sometimes inappropriate for certain functions so I have to put a cardigan over it, which gets kind of hot in the summer. What do you think?