Delights of the Day 4/25

Today’s Delights of the Day are the Seersucker Tugs from Tugs, $12. Every prep needs croakies, and I absolutely love this collection. They aren’t thick and chunky like a lot of the croakies out there right now, which I really like.  According to their website, “Tugs were inspired from our years spent at the University of Florida. Seeing nicely dressed men and women at the University wearing sunglass retainers intended for more rugged environments seemed out of place. Tugs were created as a luxury alternative to the traditional sunglass retainer.”

@ShopTugs was one of the first accounts I followed on Twitter when I created this blog, and – if you’re not already – you need to be following them. You also absolutely need to purchase these. I’m getting the aqua ones with pink writing just in case you want to be twins =)

Delight of the Day 4/11

Today’s Delight of the Day is brought to you thanks to Lauren from D.C. Girl in Pearls. She included this adorable monogrammed seersucker clutch (available in navy, pink, lime, mint, fuchsia, and tangerine) from Etsy on her post about seersucker season. Make sure you check it out, and, when you’re finished, you’ll need to head over to Etsy to grab one of these before they’re all gone!


Delight of the Day 3/29

So I’m super sorry for not having a post yesterday. My life was kind of hectic. If you missed the link I posted on Twitter, here it is. These shoes are adorable!

Today’s Delight of the Day is another pair of shoes. This time, they’re Seersucker Sperrys, $75, in either blue or pink. I’m madly in love with both pairs, and I’m not quite sure how to decide. What do you think?