Delight of the Day 3/7

It’s no secret that I adore Lauren James. I have multiple dresses and their seersucker bow shorts, and I wear them as much as possible once Easter arrives. Their newest dress, The Landry, is at the top of my wish list for spring. I love the girly scalloped edges combined with pastel seersucker – so sweet! And how cute is this video of the dress?

Delight of the Day 8/16

As a Kappa alumnae, I still find myself obsessed with keys and fleur de lys. Hence why I’ve been lusting after today’s Delight of the Day for quite some time. I introduce you to the David Yurman Fleur de Lis bangle, $395. I’ve never been a huge Yurman fan. A sin. I know. But I simply adore this bracelet. It lets me show my Kappa pride without being too showy, because, let’s face it, I probably shouldn’t be wearing my letters outside of the gym anymore.

 But, obviously, you don’t have to be a Kappa to wear this. You could be a Francophile. You could be part royal. Or you could just really like fleur de lys. Whatever your reasoning, this is the piece to ask for, for Christmas/Hanukkah/whichever holiday you celebrate. I know it’s number one on my list!

p.s. Just in case you have a Saks card/promo/whatever, you can also order it there!

p.p.s. Just saw it’s also available at Neiman Marcus!

And don’t forget – the last day to enter my Devon Alana Design giveaway is Saturday at 11:59 pm! One lucky winner will receive her very own monogrammed bow in whatever pattern she wishes!

Delight of the Day 2/19

Although you’d never guess it from the current weather we’ve been enjoying, Seersucker Season is right around the corner! I don’t know about y’all, but I basically count days the days to Easter after Labor Day in preparation for seersucker and madras. In an effort to get us out of this cold weather slump, I introduce you to today’s Delight of the Day – the Adeline Dress from Lilly Pulitzer, $198. How perfect will this look with your favorite Jacks and Ray-Bans? I can just picture it now!

Delight of the Day 7/13

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Seersucker and Anchors Bowtie from Southern Beaus, $45. I’m seriously obsessed. This bowtie combines two preppy favorites – seersucker and anchors. If any of my followers are looking to get hitched, these would fit nicely with the wedding I have planned in my head/Pinterest ; )

Delight of the Day 7/6

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Nassau Navy Seersucker Bowtie from Mast-McBride, a company located in Georgia. I love when my followers refer me to small, Made-in-America brands, and this is no exception. Mast-McBride has some really adorable ties, and, at $60, you have no excuse not to buy one and support the economy!

Delight of the Day 6/8

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Four-Toned Seersucker Bowtie from The Cordial Churchman, $29.99. This amazing bowtie features four different shades of seersucker, and can be tied so that it appears to be five different bowties! Talk about getting your money’s worth. If you only buy one bowtie for the summer, this should definitely be it. A big thank you goes out to Drew Scatizzi for sharing this brand with me!

Delight of the Day 5/14

Today’s Delight of the Day is the totally incredible Seven Seas in Seersucker Dress from Shabby Apple, $88. My friends at school used to joke that they could tell it was me from far away because I was always in ruffles or a cardigan, so, needless to say, I absolutely must add this ruffly seersucker perfection to my closet. I also really like that it has sleeves, because most of my summery dresses are sleeveless, which is sometimes inappropriate for certain functions so I have to put a cardigan over it, which gets kind of hot in the summer. What do you think?