Holiday Gift Guides

Most of you probably did a tonnnn of damage during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. But there are always those people whose gift you just can’t seem to find. Rest assured, I have you covered. Click on each image for the deets!

For the Yourself, Your Sister, and Your BFFs

holiday gift guide

For the Guys in Your Life

holiday gift guide

For the Red, White, and Blue-Blooded American

holiday gift guide

Winter Vacation Packing

When it comes to packing, I have a bad habit of packing waaaay too much stuff. What can I say? I like options. The Boy and I are headed to Riviera Maya soon, and I’m trying super hard to limit my suitcase to the essentials: bikinis, flip flops, sneakers (for zip lining – not working out!), dresses, a tote bag, and a few good books. What are your vacation must-haves?

Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

Yesterday, we focused on gifts for girls, but what about all the boys on your list? There are so many great gifts out there this year – bowties Made in America, personalized wallets, and Barbour flasks just top the list! See below for some of my favorites.


Scarf // Sunglasses // Wallet // Flask // Umbrella // Croakies // Book // Sweater // Loafers // Belt // Hat // Moscow Mule Set

Scroll below to find out where to order these gifts!

Mad for (Ralph Lauren) Plaid

Unless you’re new to the blog, you know my obsession with tartan is real. While blackwatch is my favorite, I’m really a fan of it all. Instead of doing homework this weekend, I chose to browse Ralph Lauren’s latest tartan collection (never disappoints!) and picked a few of my favorites for you. Give them as gifts or keep them for yourself – no judgment here 🙂

Fall Essentials

It’s unofficially the most wonderful season of the year – fall! One of my favorite things about fall growing up was back-to-school shopping. While I may not be going back to school, I’m totally all about fall shopping. For me, it’s all about riding boots (may my old ones rest in peace), quilted jackets, and a great neutral leather tote. What’s on your list?

Riding Boots

Quilted Jacket

Neutral Leather Tote

Delight of the Day 4/25

As you know, I’ve been rather preoccupied with decorating my apartment for the past 4-5 months. If I’m being honest, I’ve been buying stuff for my apartment since college, so it’s really going on 3 years. Crap; I’m old. I own Ralph Lauren’s Glen Plaid Barware Collection, and I love, love, love it. So classic. But when I saw Tuckernuck’s America’s Cup Decanter Set, $70, I tried convincing The Boy we needed a bar cart in addition to the bar so I could order it. Unfortunately, he knocked some sense into me. Very inconsiderate. So, friends, be warned: if you move into a new apartment/house, you’re getting this set, and I’m coming over for drinks. Every night.

Delight of the Day 2/21

 With the US v Canada hockey semi-final being later today, it only seemed fitting to squeeze in one more ‘Merica post this week. Kiel James Patrick’s newest bracelet – the American Legacy, $38 – couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m envisioning all of you wearing this t-shirt, this sweater, these shorts, and this bracelet, listening to Bruce Springsteen and watching the game. How could we NOT win? U-S-A!

p.s. Little, I still love you even though you’re Canadian and I’m rooting against your homeland!

Delight of the Day 12/16

With Christmas right around the corner, we’re down to crunch time for Christmas gifts. That’s why I was delighted to see today’s Delight of the Day on Lord & Taylor – the Tartan Plaid Scarf, $29.99 with code {FRIENDS}. Tartan is a must for winter, and how can you turn down such a good price? Plus, if you spend over $99, you get free shipping. These. Should. Help.

 p.s. If you wait until Wednesday, December 18 to order, you’ll get free shipping, and it’s still guaranteed by Christmas as long as you order by 2:00 EST! (The promo code is good through the 18th!)

p.p.s. Don’t miss out on Brooks Brothers’ HUGE clearance event. These ballet flats are down to $50!

Delight of the Day 10/3

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to perceive that I love tartan. While I pretend it’s because I enjoy honoring my Scottish heritage (I really am quite Scottish!), the truth is that I just think it’s an incredible pattern. My favorites? MacKenzie (Modern) and Black Watch, though a good Stuart Hunting Tartan will also do the trick. Naturally, my favorite thing about fall is the introduction of tartan back into my wardrobe. Blazers, skirts, dresses, button downs, headbands, flats, clutches – you name it, I’ve got it. But I’m always on the hunt for a new piece, and I’ve found one in today’s Delight of the Day. This adorable Ruffle Silk Blouse from Ralph Lauren is absolutely incredible. Can’t you just see yourself wearing this, a great hacking blazer, and riding boots walking through the leaves with a cute boy? Yep, I knew it.

 If you’re a petite, you can purchase it at Macy‘s for about $86, and, for the rest of us, it’s at Lord & Taylor’s for $109 – though they are offering a 20% off promotion right now (enter SHOP at checkout), so it’s about $87.


p.s. Update: you can get it right from Ralph Lauren, on sale for $85. You’re welcome!