Delight of the Day 2/2



Like every girl who has ever tried them, I’m in love with Ladurée macarons. While I was in Paris, I literally ate them every single day. Not at all an exaggeration. Whilst avoiding the 8 degree weather this weekend, I found myself growing Pinterest and noticed these adorable Macaron Trinket Boxes from Urban Outfitters, $10.


They’re perfect for storing earrings and rings on your nightstand in a super chic way. Plus, they’re running a special right now where they’re 2 for $16, so buy a couple for an extra cute display, or give one to your bff who’s also trying to channel her inner Blair Waldorf!

I Need YOUR Help!

Audrey in Paris

By now you’ve all heard me mention that I’m going to Europe this summer with my younger sister. Well, in fact, I leave May 27! That’s just over two weeks away!

 In case you have any interest in where I’m going, here’s our itinerary:

·         Greece (Athens, Delphi, Olympia, and Meteora)

·         Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Capri, and Rome)

·         France (Paris and Normandy)

·         London

·         Scotland

·         Edinburgh

Jackie in Greece

There are definitely several places I’m bummed about not visiting, but we only have 5 weeks, so we figured we’d hit our favorites. (Side note: if you have any hotel suggestions, please email me! I’m overwhelmed with choices! Preppydelight[at]gmail[dot]com.)


 So now I need your help. I was going to do a bunch of pre-scheduled Delight of the Day posts, but I’m kind of worried that items will sell out, and I’ll get you all excited for nothing L I AM taking my phone with me (I do social media work on the side, so I have to have access!), so there’s the option of just doing posts about my trip. What would you most like to see?