Strong Boalt Swim Trunks

While I was across the pond, the marketing director of Strong Boalt reached out to me about considering her swim trunks for a post. I fully intended to feature them sooner, but, after having my phone stolen, I didn’t have access to write one up. Now that I’m back in business, I’ve had time to check out the site, and I’m happy to announce that I totally approve of these swim trunks. I’ve only been back in the States to experience summertime for a week and a half, and I’m already tired of the monochromatic swimwear I see all over town/Facebook/Twitter/Instragram/Vine/You Get It. What happened to the daring guys who boasted bold prints? What’s with the plain navy blue trunks I see everywhere? It’s not going to fly. 

Strong Boalt, based in Palm Beach (I seem to remember another great print master who originated in Palm Beach), offers swim trunks with fun patterns for guys who are looking to shake things up. Priced at $130-$145, you may only be able to afford one pair this summer, but that’s all you need. Which is your favorite design?

And, speaking of bold shorts, get ready for an exciting giveaway next week! (And start tossing your Norts. These new ones are really that cute.)

Preppy Fall Fashion for Guys

One of my darling male followers asked me to provide some insight on men’s fashion for this fall. While I’m no expert, I did pick a few based on what I’d like my guy to wear. I’m also going to refer you to some of my favorite preppy blogs for guys, because, well, they are the experts.

p.s. If you take my advice and buy all of this, please fill out a boyfriend application. You’ll be at the top of the list. Promise.

 A great plaid button down is absolutely essential. I can’t even imagine fall without plaid! I like this one from J.Crew, $64.50

I adore Pennington and Bailes’ Stadium Pants, $135. You can get them with your school’s logo, making them perfect for those fall tailgates.

Deep reds are huge this fall, for guys and girls alike. This pair of pants from Tommy Hilfiger, $58, is the perfect shade, and the cut is classic.

Some things never go out of style. Navy cashmere sweaters are one of them. They’re perfect for layering with an oxford. Add a bowtie for my heart an extra preppy look.

Another fall staple is a Brooks Brothers sport coat. For fall, it’s all about plaid, herringbone, and tweed. I’m swooning over this particular design, although it will cost you a pretty penny – $598.

When it comes to fall, nothing is as classic as a pair of Bass loafers. I love the Larsons in this amazing Burgundy shade, $110.

 You also can’t go wrong with Sperrys. Ever.

The best blogs for the boys:

Great Lakes Prep

Bowties and Boat Shoes

Red Clay Soul

Social Primer

Delight of the Day 7/13

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Seersucker and Anchors Bowtie from Southern Beaus, $45. I’m seriously obsessed. This bowtie combines two preppy favorites – seersucker and anchors. If any of my followers are looking to get hitched, these would fit nicely with the wedding I have planned in my head/Pinterest ; )

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I’m on the hunt on the perfect winter coat for the boy. Where we live, it’s cold, but you can get away with a North Face. However, we’re taking a trip to Pitt in February so he can meet all of my college friends, and the weather there is a different story. (For those of you who have never been: it’s a beautiful city, but from about mid-October until March, there are maybe 5 sunny days. Because of all the high buildings, it’s basically a wind tunnel.) Basically, he needs a better coat.

With the help of many of my favorite preps (@WadeTheWestPrep, @BostonMo, @MikeJB93, @JamesDiMarco, @KippersBlondes, and @___carlitos85), I’ve chosen a few that really stand out.

Peacoat by Tommy Hilfiger, $179

Funnel Neck Melton by Ben Sherman at Piperlime, $199

New Coat Deal by Alternative at Piperlime, $109.99

The winner is the Authentic Bayswater peacoat with Thinsulate from J.Crew (only $140 after a discount!); I owe you, Wade!