Holiday Gift Guides

Most of you probably did a tonnnn of damage during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. But there are always those people whose gift you just can’t seem to find. Rest assured, I have you covered. Click on each image for the deets!

For the Yourself, Your Sister, and Your BFFs

holiday gift guide

For the Guys in Your Life

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For the Red, White, and Blue-Blooded American

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Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

Yesterday, we focused on gifts for girls, but what about all the boys on your list? There are so many great gifts out there this year – bowties Made in America, personalized wallets, and Barbour flasks just top the list! See below for some of my favorites.


Scarf // Sunglasses // Wallet // Flask // Umbrella // Croakies // Book // Sweater // Loafers // Belt // Hat // Moscow Mule Set

Scroll below to find out where to order these gifts!

Mill City Fineries Giveaway

 Mill City Fineries is a great little company based out of Minnesota, and I’m so excited to introduce you to them on their first birthday! They have a wide array of bow ties and pocket squares that are sure to tickle the fancy of everyone on your list. I’m obviously dying over the tartan bow tie (hopefully my boyfriend isn’t reading this, or he knows what he’s getting for Christmas!), but there is something for everyone. Another plus? Each bow tie and pocket square is handmade in Minneapolis!

 So now you’re sold, right? Lucky for you, Matt has graciously decided to give one lucky Preppy Delight reader a bow tie or pocket square of his or her choice. All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

MCF Old Glorious

MCF Purple Rain

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Delight of the Day 2/13

 If you love America (If? Is that a joke?), you’ll love today’s Delight of the Day. Patriotism is at an all-time high thanks to the Olympics, but you’re the type who reps the Red, White, and Blue on a regular basis. Flyover Press, an amazing shop run by one of my favorite bloggers, Great Lakes Prep, made an awesome new shirt for both guys and gals. The 1960 US Olympic T-Shirt, $24, is a great nod to the 1960s Olympic team (who was the first American team to win gold in ice hockey!) and the perfect addition to your ‘Merican collection.

Delight of the Day 10/30


I’ve been on a serious Kiel James Patrick kick lately, and I’m not complaining. I finally purchased the Starboard Belt (Lucky Sailor) and couldn’t possibly be any happier. (Even the boy, who was super offended that I’d spend $85 on a belt, loves it!) Of course, a week after I placed my order, they released a new line of bow bracelets – hence today’s Delight of the Day. I’m loving the American Scott and the Starboard Sailor. Which are your favorites?


Delight of the Day 10/24

I’ve written about Flyover Press before – back when they first got started. I was thrilled to when Nick told me that they’re doing so well. Who doesn’t want a great company with American made goods to succeed? Nick also led me to their latest addition to the product line, which is today’s Delight of the Day. The Born in the USA Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, $28, is a must have for any great ‘Merican. Available in Navy, Sky Blue, and Gray, these shirts are a great way to let everyone know you love America without being over the top. (Not that I’m against that. I wear my Chubbies’ ‘Mericas very proudly.) If you haven’t already clicked “Add to Cart,” hopefully this will convince you: all Preppy Delight readers can score 10% off plus a free koozie and stickers with code {PREPPYDELIGHT}!

Delight of the Day 9/17

 I owe you kiddos an apology. My life has been an absolute whirlwind lately. Between a full-time project management(ish) job, internet marketing consulting, apartment hunting with the boy, buying/crafting for our non-existent apartment, and starting to dabble in finding a new (used) car, I’ve been slacking on the blog posts lately. I’ve been going to my usual haunts – J.Crew, Kiel James Patrick, etc., which, in fairness, have amazing products – and highlighting their obvious choices. That’s not what I set out to do with this blog. I wanted to bring you things you might not otherwise realize are out there. Hence, today’s Delight of the Day.

 Sea Bags is a seriously cool company. They take old sails and recycle them to make amazing bags. Right in America – Portland, Maine to be exact. How neat is that? So don’t me over here obsessing over their Anchor Tote. You can purchase it in three different sizes – small ($105), medium ($135), and large ($150). It’s also available in red, navy, gold, and silver. I’m partial to anything in navy with an anchor. Shocker, right?

 p.s. I also love their wine bags, their baby bags, and their journals. Everything is so quintessentially New England prep!

Flyover Press + Giveaway

 One of my favorite male bloggers, Nick from Great Lakes Prep, recently started his own company – Flyover Press. There’s the East Coast (obviously the best, but I’m biased), the South, the West Coast…but we sometimes tend to forget about those flyover states (yep, cue Jason Aldean). Flyover Press is out to change that. They’re all about promoting Midwest love. And, while I’m not from the Midwest, I can absolutely support Nick’s mission, because, well, ‘Merica.

 Just check out their “About Us” section:

Located in southwest Michigan underneath planes venturing cross country, Flyover Press seeks to end the coastal bias that leaves the Midwest so often ignored. By crafting made in the USA apparel and posters inspired by the people, places and traditions of America’s Heartland, Flyover Press serves as a way for Midwesterners to display their pride to the rest of the country.

We’re committed to three things, high quality American-made products, excellent customer service and providing products for the people of the regions of this country that are too often ignored. And having fun while we do it. Some of our best ideas are hatched over a couple beers with old friends. So make that four things.

We also love the Midwest and try to support it in as many ways as possible. That’s why we try to produce as many of our products in the Midwest as we can. Our shirts are printed in Indianapolis and while our posters are printed in Connecticut, they’re done by a couple who broke into the business in Chicago. As we add more products to the line we’ll continue trying to seek out Midwest sources. It might not be the least expensive way of doing things but it’s how we believe in doing business.

 Plus, as if making everything in the US (and, specifically, the Midwest) didn’t make them amazing enough, they also donate 3% of all profits to Midwest-based non-profits! Any brand with a philanthropic side is good in my book.

 So now you’re hooked, right? I can’t say I blame ya! Lucky for you, Nick has generously offered to give one reader the chance to win his or own Patriotic Midwest Tank Top or their choice of any print on the site. All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter below…and decide which one you’d choose!

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The Pearl Connection + dcoybrand Giveaway

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed the buildup for this giveaway. I’m super excited to introduce you to The Pearl Connection and dcoybrand!

The Pearl Connection is a shop dedicated to all things Made in America. Here’s the story straight from their page:

“The ‘Made In USA’ label is more than just an informative tag — it represents the commitment of small business owners to growing the economy through their high-quality, domestic-made products.  This label has revolutionized consumerism over the past few years.  Americans WANT to support their country by purchasing American-made goods, but finding them, and at decent prices, is often difficult.

The goal of Pearl Connection is to help link these patriotic-conscious consumers to small American brands with affordable products they’ll grow to love.

Many of the brands we feature have dual causes — they are committed to growing jobs but also raising money for cancer research, education, or the environment.  It’s amazing what these small business owners are accomplishing. 

It is my hope that through increasing awareness of the “Made In USA” label, Pearl Connection will help these businesses achieve their own personal goals as well as that of rebuilding our economy, one purchase at a time.”

How perfect is that? One of their amazing brands, dcoybrand (check out how they make their products here. So neat!), is offering to give one of my lucky followers one of their Jackie Tank Tops! And, for the boys, Terry’s Two Cents is giving away a pocket sqare! All you have to do is use the widget below.

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Delight of the Day 4/5


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been obsessed with Chubbies as of late. Their marketing team is genius. I find myself actually looking forward to their emails, when, normally, I want to pull my hair out from all the junk I get. Plus, Chubbies hates cargo shorts as much as I do. I mean, honestly, why do you need all those pockets? It’s just shady. (Please check out Chubbies’ Cargo Embargo campaign. I die.)


Anyway, their ‘Mericas, $59.50, have me absolutely swooning. What better way for your guy to show his American Pride and a little leg? Plus, if you order during the pre-sale, you get this awesome pair of American Flag sunglasses from Knockaround, so even if the shorts aren’t appropriate for a particular function (you know, if you’re at a party in North Korea or something), the boy can still wear these.


I’m thinking I could definitely order these for myself and have them tailored, right?