Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve been counting down to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for days, and it’s finally here tomorrow! It’s one of the BIGGEST sales of the year, and it’s unique in that you get fall goodies on sale – not this summer’s leftovers. Since fall tends to be the best style season, it’s needless to say that this sale is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve added all of these to my cart in hopes that The Boy notices and orders everything (I kid, I kid). What are you hoping to score?

Delight of the Day 6/12

While browsing Lilly for gifts for my sister’s birthday present, I stumbled upon the cutest USB flash drive keychains. Melly has a serious obsession with elephants, so this is pretty much perfect. At $32, this is a great grad gift for your friends at an awesome price for you! (Plus, while you’re there, you might as well order your agenda!)

Delight of the Day 4/4

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Lexington Dress from Lilly Pulitzer, $198. I love how reminiscent of the vintage patterns it is, but with a more modern cut that would be flattering on anyone. If you’d like to see some of my other favorite from Lilly, feel free to check them out here!

Just a friendly reminder to enter my Kidogo Kidogo giveaway! It runs until Sunday, and you could win your very own iPhone case. Who doesn’t love changing up her cases?

Delight of the Day 3/12

 Today’s Delight of the Day is from one of my favorite shops and features one of my favorite designers. These Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Tumblers, $22, from Memento are to die for. Combining Lilly and monograms? Genius.

 Also, if 5 other Kappas want to go in on mint Kappa Spirit Football Jerseys, please let me know. I am dyingggg for one of these!

Delight of the Day 2/6


To say I love office supplies would be an understatement. Aside from buying new clothes, buying school supplies was always my favorite part of the whole back-to-school thing. Now that I’m out of school, I can justify buying office supplies for home and work all the time. While I used to be partial Lilly supplies, I’ve been very into Kate Spade ones lately. So when I found out that one of my favorite Twitter Accounts/Stores sells Kate Spade, I knew I had to share. Come on – how cute are these notebooks?! I melt. (Side note: these would be great in a Valentine’s Day care package.)

Delight of the Day 1/28

 I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted with this weather. It seems to snow every few days, and the weather hasn’t been above 32 in weeks. Yuck. Needless to say, I’m dreaming of sunnier days. Thankfully, Lilly has made it pretty darn easy with their Nora Dress, $298. It’s definitely a bit pricey, but it’s also extremely versatile. You could add a cute skinny belt and pair it with pretty flats for work or class, or you could toss on your favorite pumps for date night.

Delight of the Day 1/10

Today’s Delight of the Day is yet another dress I must add to my collection. Amongst the Lilly, Tuckernuck, and Vineyard Vines sales, my poor bank account is doomed! But I just can’t help myself – especially after seeing Vineyard Vines’ Maritime Stripe Bow Dress, $159.99. (Plus, use code WINTER1314 for 30% off!) Any dress with blue and white stripes is a dress after my own heart. Add adorable little bows? Yep. I’m done for. We can always make room for one more, right? ūüôā

Delight of the Day 8/22

So I know I usually post about clothing and accessories, but today’s Delight of the Day was just too cute to pass up. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been on the hunt for my first apartment. I lived in the dorms my first two years of college, then the Kappa house after that. After graduation, I became a stay at home daughter. Butttt, now I’m ready for bigger and better things.

Since I’m not having a whole lot of luck finding an apartment in this crappy charming little town, I’ve decided to buy everything to decorate it so that I’m ready to go on move-in day. You’re welcome, daddy. When I stumbled upon these gems on Pinterest, I knew I had to have them. Lilly Pulitzer shower curtains! Can you imagine how cute they’d be? I, of course, would choose First Impression Hotty Pink – one of my all-time favorite prints. Plus, they have matching towels! Cutest bathroom ever.

And don’t forget to enter my Greek Life Girl giveaway!

Delight of theDay 7/31

I don’t know about you, but I’m slightly OCD when it comes to planning. Just ask my sister about Europe.¬† So, naturally, I need a planner that can handle my crazy life but that’s aesthetically pleasing. Hence why Lilly’s agendas have been my go-to for years. I can’t tell you the last time I didn’t buy one. That’s why I was really disappointed when I saw this year’s collection. The only prints I like are the Shorely Blue First Impression, $40 (but no stickers in this Luxe edition! Not cool) and the Multi Get Nauti, $34¬†(but I’m not a fan of the Jumbo planners).

I was going through panic mode trying to figure out where I’d even begin to look for another planner when I hopped on Instagram to distract myself and saw Whitney English’s Day Designer. Gold and white or black and white stripes? I was drawn in. I went to her blog (amazing, by the way) and read the backstory of how her planner came to be. She writes, “The Day Designer is a yearly strategic planner and daily agenda for creative entrepreneurs, business women, and working mommas everywhere.”

I’m no momma (unless you count being a puppy momma. On second thought, yes I am!), but the flexibility that this planner supports is perfect for me. I have a day job. I do freelance marketing consulting for three clients. I blog. I’m active in my sorority’s alumnae association and in advising the local chapter.¬†I sometimes have a social life. I even enjoy getting in some gym time after downing a pint of Talenti’s salted caramel gelato. Managing all of this in a planner can be overwhelming, especially when¬†Lilly’s caters to students. But, judging by all the images on Instagram and Google (she actually doesn’t have any on Etsy. I’m assuming because people would probably borrow her ideas if she did), this planner¬†has the perfect template for adding a little bit of order to my chaotic life. A few of my favorite features: there’s a monthly calendar for seeing everything at a glance; a page for each day, which includes room for your schedule, a to do list, and extras for “dinner, dollars, due, and don’t forget;” and several pages dedicated to writing down your goals for different facets of your life. Pretty great, right?

Is it expensive? At $55 for the black and white, and $65 for the gold and white (plus $12 shipping), yes. Definitely. Buttt is something that’ll make your life 324832498 times easier worth it?¬†I’d think so.

Especially since you’ll be saving money by winning a Jackie Tank from Pearl Connection¬†(ends today!)¬†and monogrammed goodies from Memento!

Lilly’s Summer 2013 Collection

Well hello, strangers! It has been far too long! I’m finally back in the US, and finally settled in enough to start blogging again. The trip was incredible (I promise I’ll have an all-telling post next week), but it’s definitely nice to be home again.

I know I’m a little tardy to the party on this one (my phone got stolen, so I had no contact with the preppy world, okay?), but I’m loving Lilly’s latest collection. Although, I do have to admit, I’m not crazy about the Get Nauti print. Shocking, I know. It’s just not for me. ¬†However, I have included some of my favorite looks. Which are you dying to buy?

 The Pearl, $298

The Amanda, $198

The Kirkland, $188

The Capricia, $298 (I’m obsessed.)

Last, but not least, The Java $268