Delight of the Day 9/3

I had another post scheduled for today, but when I saw the announcement email from Kiel James Patrick, I knew I had to share. As if you don’t already own everything they create – scallop button down, boat shoes, and bracelets – they’ve now stepped up their game yet again and created the cutest Anchor Hats, $48. The adjustable leather strap on the back is what separates this from every other preppy hat on the market. It’s really all in the details, isn’t it? Plus, it comes in a wide array of colors, so you’re sure to find one you love. Anyone else thinking Christmas gifts?

Kiel James Patrick New Arrivals

So, I’m super sorry for the lack of posts last week. My grandmother was in the hospital, so I was preoccupied with that. Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes 🙂

While I was waiting around for news, I decided to check out Kiel James Patrick’s latest arrivals, and, boy, are they cute.

 The Valerie Pearl Anchor Necklace, $82

 The Chatham Harbor, $148

 The Monogrammed Cape Codder, $168

 The Joey Potter, $40

Delight of the Day 2/21

 With the US v Canada hockey semi-final being later today, it only seemed fitting to squeeze in one more ‘Merica post this week. Kiel James Patrick’s newest bracelet – the American Legacy, $38 – couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m envisioning all of you wearing this t-shirt, this sweater, these shorts, and this bracelet, listening to Bruce Springsteen and watching the game. How could we NOT win? U-S-A!

p.s. Little, I still love you even though you’re Canadian and I’m rooting against your homeland!

Gift Ideas – Under $35

 It’s that time of the year again when you’re trying to find the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and significant other. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Today’s gifts will all be under $35, and next week I’ll focus on under $50, under $150, and $150+. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something incredible for every prep on your list!

American Brigg Atlantic Headband from Kiel James Patrick, $35 – Preppy girls love headbands, and the nautical flair on this is sure to make this headband her absolute fav!

Monogram Cosmetic Bag from Joss & Main, $30.95 – Make sure you’re a member of Joss & Main to score great steals on monogrammed stocking stuffers!

Alice+Olivia Ceramic Mug from Starbucks, $19.95 – You can’t possibly have a bad day when your mug has a tutu! (While this mug might be sold out online, I’ve seen it at several Starbucks locations, so make sure you check them out!)

A customized pocket t-shirt from The Frat Collection, $35 – I love these as gifts, because it allows you to be creative and TFC to do all the work. Plus, you always have the option of giving a gift card – that way your friend can pick his or her own design!

Born in the USA Long Sleeve from Flyover Press, $28 – For that friend who just loves ‘Merica. (But really, are you friends with anyone who doesn’t?) Score 10% off with code {PREPPYDELIGHT}!

Delight of the Day 11/19

“My rule is: if it’s not moving, monogram it.” – Reese Witherspoon

Girls love monograms. It’s practically in our DNA. Sweaters? Norts? Sheets? Koozies? Hats? Silverware? Yep, we’ve got it all. It’s a serious addition. (My boyfriend likes to say I can’t buy anything else with my monogram, because we’re moving in together this weekend. Until my last name is changed, I’m buying monograms. Not sorry.)  So what better way to incorporate every girl’s favorite logo with one of her favorite preppy brands? Meet Kiel James Patrick’s Monogrammed Cape Codder, $168. I’ve been eying up these adorable bags for quite a while, and now that they’ve added the monogram to them, how could I possibly turn one down? Can’t justify buying yourself another monogram? Circle back to the beginning of this paragraph – you don’t need justification. Buy one as a gift for your sister, little, best friend, etc.! Best. Gift. Ever.

Delight of the Day 10/30


I’ve been on a serious Kiel James Patrick kick lately, and I’m not complaining. I finally purchased the Starboard Belt (Lucky Sailor) and couldn’t possibly be any happier. (Even the boy, who was super offended that I’d spend $85 on a belt, loves it!) Of course, a week after I placed my order, they released a new line of bow bracelets – hence today’s Delight of the Day. I’m loving the American Scott and the Starboard Sailor. Which are your favorites?


Delight of the Day 9/13

Today’s Delight of the Day would have been the perfect accessory for my Florida Georgia Line outfit (see: Twitter). I’m so bummed I didn’t notice it before. The American Legacy Bracelet from Kiel James Patrick, $38, is the perfect touch of ‘Merica for any true patriot. Need I say more? No. I don’t believe so.

Delight of the Day 9/4

I’ve written about Kiel James Patrick products many times before. He and Sarah Vickers just get New England prep style. They pay attention to small details no one else does, and that’s why – season after season – many of our favorite retailers are following their lead. Not surprisingly, their latest venture – apparel – is spot on. Hence, today’s Delight of the Day – the Not Penny’s Boat Oxford, $98. The teeny tiny maritime flags on this shirt makes me preppy heart skip a few beats, and I’m not even slightly exaggerating. It goes without saying that no fall wardrobe would be truly complete without this. (While you’re at it, you might as well finally order one of their Starboard Belts. You know you’ve been waiting!)

Delight of the Day 8/6


Today’s Delight of the Day is the Pemberton Racquet Oxford from Kiel James Patrick, $120. I adore the scallop detail on the collar. It’s such a fun touch to an otherwise classic shirt, and it can easily make the transition from summer to fall. Plus it comes in a bunch of colors! Which is your fav?

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