Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve been counting down to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for days, and it’s finally here tomorrow! It’s one of the BIGGEST sales of the year, and it’s unique in that you get fall goodies on sale – not this summer’s leftovers. Since fall tends to be the best style season, it’s needless to say that this sale is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve added all of these to my cart in hopes that The Boy notices and orders everything (I kid, I kid). What are you hoping to score?

Best Sales of the Week

Let’s be honest – dressing well can get pricey. Thankfully for you, I receive 89456456 emails about sales a week. I’m thinking a new feature is in order – best sales of the week. Here are my favorite roundups this week:

J.Crew Factory is offering 40% off sale items with code CLEANUP

Take 20% off Krass & Co. with code fb20k.

Brooks Brothers’ Semi-Annual Sale – take up to 50% off!

Take 25% off Kate Spade with code MORESALE

Happy shopping, my dears!

Delight of the Day 3/5

 Today’s Delight of the Day is the absolutely adorable Sarita Jewel-Neck Sleeveless Combo Dress from Kate Spade, on sale for $226. This nautical-inspired dress makes me want to hop on the nearest yacht (because I, of course, have one at my disposal) and bask in the rays. In reality, I’ll just wear it on my next date night, but a girl can dream!

Delight of the Day 2/14

 Happy Valentine’s Day! Hopefully, you have a hot date plannedā€¦whether it’s with your boyfriend, your friends, or an amazing bottle of wine šŸ˜‰

I really wish I had noticed today’s Delight of the Day prior to today so I could have ordered it for tonight. (I still have NO idea what I’m wearing. Sorry, Josh!) This Colorblock Tweed Sheath from Banana Republic, $140, is beautiful. (p.s. Take 40% with code {BRVDAY40}.) It’s sophisticated enough for work AND dressier date nights. I’d have paired it with my Loubs, which legitimately never get worn, and my new Kate Spade bag (also on sale!). How would you wear it?


Delight of the Day 2/6


To say I love office supplies would be an understatement. Aside from buying new clothes, buying school supplies was always my favorite part of the whole back-to-school thing. Now that I’m out of school, I can justify buying office supplies for home and work all the time. While I used to be partial Lilly supplies, I’ve been very into Kate Spade ones lately. So when I found out that one of my favorite Twitter Accounts/Stores sells Kate Spade, I knew I had to share. Come on – how cute are these notebooks?! I melt. (Side note: these would be great in a Valentine’s Day care package.)

Delight of the Day 2/5


As mentioned last week, I’ve been on a big handbag kick lately. I just love the way they can completely change your outfit depending on the style. One style I’ve been hesitant to try is the shoulder bag. It’s not that I dislike them; I’m just more of a crook of the armĀ kinda gal. That being said, I adore KateĀ Spade’sĀ Carroll Park Scarlette Leather Shoulder Bag, $398. I love how simple and elegant it is. You could wear it with your favorite denim and a great blazer, or you could wear it withĀ a pretty dress for Valentine’s Day. (Speaking of which, what are you wearing?! I’m in crisis mode!)

Delight of the Day 1/29

I’ve been on a serious bag kick lately thanks to The Boy. (I’m still swooning over my Beau Bag!) My latest obsession has been trying to find a black bag that isn’t too matronly. I don’t know why, but I think a lot of black bags tend to look a little grandma-esque. I’m weird; I know. Anyway, I stumbled upon the Catherine Street Wensley from Kate Spade, $478, and I think it’s The One. (Sorry, Josh!) It’s actually available in a bunch of cute colors, which makes it kinda hard to choose black, butttt it’s so hard finding a black bag that makes me feel like this one that I think I’ll settle down and give the bag a name!

Delight of the Day 1/28

 I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted with this weather. It seems to snow every few days, and the weather hasn’t been above 32 in weeks. Yuck. Needless to say, I’m dreaming of sunnier days. Thankfully, Lilly has made it pretty darn easy with their Nora Dress, $298. It’s definitely a bit pricey, but it’s also extremely versatile. You could add a cute skinny belt and pair it with pretty flats for work or class, or you could toss on your favorite pumps for date night.

Delight of the Day 1/6

Thanks for taking a break from the Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer sale to read the blog today! Hopefully, you aren’t too frazzled by the lag time. Today’s Delight of the Day is the 2 Park Avenue Small Beau Bag, $398. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that The Boy got me the Beau Bag for Christmas. Can you believe he picked it out all by himself? I was so impressed! (p.s. I was actually already wearing the outfit below when he surprise me with it. I suppose it wasn’t too far a stretch to assume I’d like it šŸ™‚ )

 I personally like the small more than the regular one. I have a bunch of big Kate Spade bags and a large Longchamp, so this is the perfect middle ground. As you can see, it’s the perfect size for holding the important things, like little Atticus! When I first saw it, I thought I’d save it for spring and summer, but I’ve already carried it several times. I highly recommend it!