When people say they’re really into the Kennedys, I have to laugh. You see, I’ve been obsessed for quite some time now. I don’t use the word obsess lightly. When the boy first saw my bedroom, and, therefore, my Kennedy bookcase, he was shocked. He knew I liked the Kennedys, but he had NO idea.

The truth is that I’m absolutely fascinated by that family, and, of course, I idolize Jackie. It’s easy to look at them on the surface and say that Jack was a spoiled playboy, and Jackie was a style icon who put up with a cheating husband for too long, but their story is much more intriguing than that.

Anyway, I’ll get off my high horse. Today marks the fiftieth annivesary of JFK’s assination (and, also, my half birthday. We have a connection), so I figured what better way to honor one of my favorite historical figures than with photos of him in his preppy best?



I Need YOUR Help!

Audrey in Paris

By now you’ve all heard me mention that I’m going to Europe this summer with my younger sister. Well, in fact, I leave May 27! That’s just over two weeks away!

 In case you have any interest in where I’m going, here’s our itinerary:

·         Greece (Athens, Delphi, Olympia, and Meteora)

·         Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Capri, and Rome)

·         France (Paris and Normandy)

·         London

·         Scotland

·         Edinburgh

Jackie in Greece

There are definitely several places I’m bummed about not visiting, but we only have 5 weeks, so we figured we’d hit our favorites. (Side note: if you have any hotel suggestions, please email me! I’m overwhelmed with choices! Preppydelight[at]gmail[dot]com.)


 So now I need your help. I was going to do a bunch of pre-scheduled Delight of the Day posts, but I’m kind of worried that items will sell out, and I’ll get you all excited for nothing L I AM taking my phone with me (I do social media work on the side, so I have to have access!), so there’s the option of just doing posts about my trip. What would you most like to see? http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZGDV62N

Delight of the Day 6/26

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Tulip Dress from Zara, $99.90. I saw this dress on Chocolate & Raspberries yesterday and fell in love! I adore the classic design of this dress. Doesn’t it kind of remind you of this amazing dress Jackie wore while in India? Obviously it’s a bit different, but I can definitely see Jackie wearing this. Perfection.