Gilt City + Birchbox

For starters, if you’re not already a member of Gilt, please proceed to sign up NOW. Gilt has some of the best steals on clothing and accessories for men and women, plus awesome prices on home goods. However, my favorite feature of Gilt is their Gilty City feature. You may recall my BluePrint Cleanse; thanks to Gilt City, I was able to afford it!

Once you’re a member, or if you already are a member, please click here. Yep. A one-year subscription to Birchbox for $99, and it comes with a $25 credit. That’s essentially $74 for a subscription (almost 50% off)! I did a Birchbox trial for two months, and, while I liked it, I just couldn’t justify the price. However, at $8.25 a month, who could say no?

Plus, while you’re there, BluePrint Cleanse is on sale again! It’s never too late to prep for your summer vacation 😉

And don’t forget to enter my The Page Girls giveaway/learn more about their launch!

Apartment Inspiration Part II

 As you may know (because I’ve been obsessing over it like a crazy person since we found the place), the boy and I are moved in together this weekend. While I’m, of course, excited about living with him/getting out of Roomie Dad’s house, I’m really just in it for the decorating. Kidding but not. Hopefully, you read my post about bathroom décor. If not, please check it out and let me know what you think!  The other room that’s super important for me is the living room. I want it to be one of those classic, well-curated rooms you’d see in New England (think Vital’s Preppy Guidebook or anything from Sarah Vicker’s/Kiel James Patrick’s Instagram accounts). This is the hardest sell with Josh, because he thinks it’s all a little tacky. His German heritage just can’t appreciate the nod to classic Scottish culture. Sorry, bro. It will obviously take quite some time to acquire everything I’d like, but we do have a good start.


  The hardest part of this is finding some of the vintage pieces. While some of it was in my grandmother’s basement (perks of having WASPy grandparents), and I did hunt at some flea markets, I found a lot of great stuff online at places like Gilt, One Kings Lane, and Joss and Main.

 One Kings Lane – Legitimately the BEST place for finding vintage decor. I love this place with my whole heart.

 Gilt – This is my go-to for great books. The ‘Merica books seen above are always on sale there, as well as a bunch of other really neat sets from Juniper Books – at a fraction of the cost!

 Joss and Main – An amazing place for decor, I also found my Christmas present to myself an amazing bar cabinet here. Plus, every time I mention that I’m moving into a new apartment, every female I know tells me to get on Joss and Main for furniture. That speaks volumes.

Kate Spade on Gilt

 I apologize for the lack of posts, but packing for Europe has completely consumed my life! It’s also my last week of work, so they’re dumping all kinds of pointless junk fun extra stuff on me. Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that Gilt is having a huge sale event on Kate Spade today! If there was anything you missed in Kate Spade’s Surprise Sale, I have a feeling it might be here today. If you’re not already a member, you can sign up here! I scored a bag I had been eyeing for months for 50% off last year, so let’s hope I find myself a good birthday present!