Apartment Inspiration – Part I

  So you may have gathered that the boy and I are moving in together. Needless to say, I’m a little nervous. I’ve only ever lived with my parents, in a dorm, and in the sorority house. Not exactly autonomous living if ya know what I mean. But I’m so excited to start this new adventure, and I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather do it with. Except maybe one of my fav bloggers so I could borrow her clothes. I kid. Sort of.

 Anyway, both of us are super picky, so it’ll probably be next year a while until we finally find a place, which gives me plenty of time to decide how to decorate it! Thus starts my latest series on apartment inspiration. I plan on covering the bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room for starters. This is our first apartment, so it’s probably going to be tiny, and, therefore, somewhat limited in what I can do. I figure those are the most important rooms to decorate, as our kitchen will probably be pretty small and not so conducive to decorating. Since I don’t have the apartment yet, I’m going to provide images from which I’ve pulled inspiration and include a few links to some great products – just in case you’re inspired, too!

 The first room I’ll focus on is the bathroom. I’ve wanted a nautical-themed bathroom for ages. In fact, I’ve been buying decor for it since my senior year in college. Clearly, I wasn’t planning on living at home for so long. Oops. Anyway, in an ideal world, I would love to paint the walls with stripes, but I figure that’s kind of silly for a place we’ll probably only be for a year. So, I’ve had to step up my game on other aspects to get that extra nautical vibe I want.

 First things first: I need a striped shower curtain. Navy and cream, navy or white – doesn’t matter. However, I cannot find one. Anywhere. Thankfully, Pinterest has all kinds of guides on how to paint curtains, so I’m planning on getting a cream one and adding navy stripes. Super crafty, right? (Side note: if you know a place where I can buy any, pleasepleaseplease let me know!)

 Next are towels. I love Ralph Lauren’s Palmer Towels, particularly in Polo Navy and Regatta Cream. (I’ve gotta keep up with theme!) We’ve had these towels for years in various shades (my dad isn’t into design, so we just have a collection of ranom colors he bought on sale), and they’ve withstood everything. Sure, they cost a little more than your basic towel, but, when they last longer, it’s not a huge deal.

 Now onto the actual fun stuff: decor. Things I must have:

 Any item marked with an asterisk is from my new favorite Etsy shop, Nautical Beach Decor. The lovely owner, Preston, has offered all of you 5% off any order of $20 or more with code {PREPPYDELIGHT}! It’s safe to say I’ll be be stocking up.

 p.s. Don’t forget to enter my Flyover Press giveaway! Their Bennington Flag print would be perfection for any nautical room, and you can win one!

Devon Alana Monogrammed Bow Giveaway


If you’re like I am, you’re obsessed with monograms. Your boyfriend is probably threatening to hold an intervention, because you legitimately have a compulsion to buy anything with a monogram on it. Babe. It was literally made for me. It’s like you don’t understand anything. Well, I have some good news. This week, I’m teaming up with Devon Alana to give you a chance to win your very own monogrammed bow! You can’t get in trouble if you win it, right?



Devon Alana’s Etsy store is one of my very favorites. It’s cuteness overload. Seersucker bows? Chevron bows? Anchor bows? Yes, please. Add a monogram to all of those? New addiction. So how does winning your very own sound? Amazing, right? All ya have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter before Sunday at 12:15 am EST, and you’re entered!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(As always, please make sure you do all the tasks. If I can’t verify it, you’ll be disqualified. If you don’t use Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, please write that in the spot for the username. If you don’t use BlogLovin, please subscribe by email using the link on the right sidebar. Good luck!)

Delight of the Day 8/8

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Anchor Tank from The Limited, $26.90. I can’t get enough anchors, so I’m living it up now that the rest of the world caught on to our preppy secret. Love it but have too much navy in your closet? Have no fear; it’s available in red, too! 

And I’m SO excited to announce that the winner of the Memento giveaway is Haley M! Check your email on how to redeem your prize 🙂

Bummed you didn’t win? Don’t worry! I’ll be giving away a mongrammed bow from Devon Alana next week; a sorority tumbler, frocket, and norts from Greek Life Girl the following week; and a print of your choice or a Patrotic Midwest Tank from Flyover Press the last week in August! (Yeah…August is a pretty awesome month for Preppy Delight followers!)

Delight of theDay 7/31

I don’t know about you, but I’m slightly OCD when it comes to planning. Just ask my sister about Europe.  So, naturally, I need a planner that can handle my crazy life but that’s aesthetically pleasing. Hence why Lilly’s agendas have been my go-to for years. I can’t tell you the last time I didn’t buy one. That’s why I was really disappointed when I saw this year’s collection. The only prints I like are the Shorely Blue First Impression, $40 (but no stickers in this Luxe edition! Not cool) and the Multi Get Nauti, $34 (but I’m not a fan of the Jumbo planners).

I was going through panic mode trying to figure out where I’d even begin to look for another planner when I hopped on Instagram to distract myself and saw Whitney English’s Day Designer. Gold and white or black and white stripes? I was drawn in. I went to her blog (amazing, by the way) and read the backstory of how her planner came to be. She writes, “The Day Designer is a yearly strategic planner and daily agenda for creative entrepreneurs, business women, and working mommas everywhere.”

I’m no momma (unless you count being a puppy momma. On second thought, yes I am!), but the flexibility that this planner supports is perfect for me. I have a day job. I do freelance marketing consulting for three clients. I blog. I’m active in my sorority’s alumnae association and in advising the local chapter. I sometimes have a social life. I even enjoy getting in some gym time after downing a pint of Talenti’s salted caramel gelato. Managing all of this in a planner can be overwhelming, especially when Lilly’s caters to students. But, judging by all the images on Instagram and Google (she actually doesn’t have any on Etsy. I’m assuming because people would probably borrow her ideas if she did), this planner has the perfect template for adding a little bit of order to my chaotic life. A few of my favorite features: there’s a monthly calendar for seeing everything at a glance; a page for each day, which includes room for your schedule, a to do list, and extras for “dinner, dollars, due, and don’t forget;” and several pages dedicated to writing down your goals for different facets of your life. Pretty great, right?

Is it expensive? At $55 for the black and white, and $65 for the gold and white (plus $12 shipping), yes. Definitely. Buttt is something that’ll make your life 324832498 times easier worth it? I’d think so.

Especially since you’ll be saving money by winning a Jackie Tank from Pearl Connection (ends today!) and monogrammed goodies from Memento!

Happy Clam Monogram

The lovely Jenny of Happy Clam Monogram shared with me her shop, and I instantly fell in love. What preppy girl doesn’t love monograms? Plus, in addition to having an amazing store, Jenny and Happy Clam Monogram give back to the community, specifically to the NHRMC Pink Ribbon Society, which helps local women without insurance or other financial resources by providing mammography and other diagnostic screening. Along with Monkee’s and Sail to Sable, she hosted the Pink Party this past Saturday where 10% of the proceeds benefited the society. You can read more about this amazing event here.

Here are some great pictures from Saturday’s Pink Party:

As if she weren’t already delightful enough, Jenny then offered to give one of you your very own monogram necklace or an unfinished wooden monogram that you can decorate however you’d like! (I actually have one sitting in my room; I can’t decide how I want it to look!) To enter, you’ll need to use the Rafflecopter on my Facebook page. Make sure you do tasks 1 through 6, as they are mandatory and you’ll be disqualified if you don’t. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can see who won the Sail to Sable giveaway here!

Delight of the Day 9/11

Today’s Delight of the Day is the shop Canvas by Liz on Etsy! I won a canvas through Northern Prepster, and I absolutely love it, so, naturally, I wanted to share it with you. She has all kinds of Lilly prints and can customize any of them with your initial. How perfect would this look in your dorm or apartment? Plus, Liz has offered my followers a discount code! With code DELIGHT, you can get 10% off!

Also, don’t forget to enter my J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway thanks to GroopDealz!

Mary Beth Goodwin Design


I’m excited to announce a giveaway from Mary Beth Goodwin Design, an adorable, preppy shop on Etsy! Mary Beth sells things like iPhone and computer wallpapers, scrapbooking paper, posters, and different types of stationery. I’m slightly obsessed with the scrapbooking packs and plan to order a bunch of them; there are so many crafts on Pinterest I’ve been meaning to try! The best part about MBG Design (well aside from the cute, preppy factor)? Everything is digital, so you can print it yourself and won’t have wait for snail mail to arrive =)

Mary Beth has graciously offered to give one Preppy Delight follower a personalized poster, a photo mat, an iPhone wallpaper, or a Facebook timeline cover! I love the Monogrammed Chevron poster and think it’s perfect for dorm room decorating. To enter the giveaway, you’ll have to go to the Rafflecopter application on my Facebook page. In order to win, you must do the following:

1) Like Mary Beth Goodwin Design on Facebook and comment saying you found her through Preppy Delight

2) Follow Mary Beth on Twitter

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You can earn extra entries by commenting on this post, following me on Pinterest, and subscribing to my blog by email!

Delights of the Day 7/23

Today’s Delights of the Day are Organza Bow Clutches from Etsy, $58. I love all of the color options! There are so many choices, so you’re guaranteed to find one that would match your favorite outfit. Personally, the ivory one with the navy bow is my favorite, and I have a few dresses that I think would look so super adorable. Which is your favorite?