Delight of the Day 4/24

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Sloan-Fit Dot-Print Sheath Dress from Banana Republic, $140. (However, today only, take 40% off with code {BRTAKE40}!)

I have a love/hate relationship with Banana dresses. I love how cute they are, but I hate how they fit off the rack. I fully intended to stop buying them, but how can I pass up an adorable dress like this? I think I’ve worn my Loubs once since I bought them, but I definitely plan on busting them out with this one for our next Junior League fundraiser. So chic.

How would you style this dress?

Delight of the Day 4/4

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Lexington Dress from Lilly Pulitzer, $198. I love how reminiscent of the vintage patterns it is, but with a more modern cut that would be flattering on anyone. If you’d like to see some of my other favorite from Lilly, feel free to check them out here!

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Delight of the Day 10/14

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Jacquard Back Cutout Dress from The Limited, $69.99. I absolutely adore this color for fall, and the fabric is beautiful. I ordered it on a whim with a promo code last week {always be on the look out for promos with them}, so I think I ended up paying about $45 for it, and it was well worth the money. I think it’s going to be the dress I wear to my Big’s wedding!

p.s. It does run a little large, so you may want to order a size down.

Lilly’s Summer 2013 Collection

Well hello, strangers! It has been far too long! I’m finally back in the US, and finally settled in enough to start blogging again. The trip was incredible (I promise I’ll have an all-telling post next week), but it’s definitely nice to be home again.

I know I’m a little tardy to the party on this one (my phone got stolen, so I had no contact with the preppy world, okay?), but I’m loving Lilly’s latest collection. Although, I do have to admit, I’m not crazy about the Get Nauti print. Shocking, I know. It’s just not for me.  However, I have included some of my favorite looks. Which are you dying to buy?

 The Pearl, $298

The Amanda, $198

The Kirkland, $188

The Capricia, $298 (I’m obsessed.)

Last, but not least, The Java $268

Kate Spade Suprise Sale

I’m a bit tardy to the party on this one, but I was sick in bed all day yesterday. (Planning trips is stressful!) Kate Spade is having a surprise sale through Wednesday at 11:59, and they’re offering up to 75% off! While I really shouldn’t buy anything due to the fact that I’m completely draining my account for Europe, it is almost my birthday, so I deserve everything something – right? Which is your favorite?

Mount Perry Rumor, $149 (I die over the bow!)

Gold Coast Ginnie, $79 (Tres chic!)

Grove Court Blaine, $199 (I’ve been obessing over this since it came out. Mom, if you’re reading this, this would be the perfect birthday present.)

Belltown Ashlyn, $119 (Polka dot. Enough said.)

Vanston Small Maryclare, $169 (Love the Caribbean color!)

Bow Bridge Helena, $219 (Classic.)

Hit the Dock Rudy, $119 (Anything with a nautical feel <3)

Bondi Road Neda, $59 (More polka dots!)

Pasadena zippered Chrissy, $49 (Who doesn’t love mint?)

Anchors Away Bracelet, $39

Anchors Away Mini Ring, $19

Stripe Kellie Dress, $99 (Fitted striped dresses are my favorite. Adore.)

Checkered Franny Coat, $199 (Please please please, Daddy?)

Delight of the Day 4/23


 Today’s Delight of the Day is the Printed Pleated Shift Dress from J.Crew Factory, $79.50.

I’m seriously lusting after this dress. I just bought three dresses from J.Crew (this in the coral and blue; the other isn’t available online), and I just booked my five-week trip to Europe (more details to come – promise!!), so it’s taking everything in me not to empty my bank account for this one. The only thing holding me back is that I was able to score the polka dot skirt from J.Crew before it sold out, and it’s the same pattern. Do you think it’s worth it? Rhetorical question. Of course you enablers do =)

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Lilly Pulitzer’s New Year Cheer Sale

Preppy girls love Lilly Pulitzer. Her clothes are bright, pretty, and fun, plus Lilly used to room with Jackie Kennedy. How could we not love her? What Lilly lovers love most are the two big annual sales – the Endless Summer sale (end of summer) and the New Year Cheer sale (just last week). This year’s sale was one of the best in terms of prices. I had a lot of Christmas money left over, and with everything I wanted being offered at 70-75% off, I couldn’t help but get in the Lilly spirit. How did you do at this year’s sale?

Poppy Top
(I got it in navy but couldn’t find a picture – sorry! This top is definitely a little wide, so if you plan on finding it elsewhere, keep that in mind.)

Briar Skirt

Mimosa Skirt

Cassie Dress

Davie Dress
(Love this dress, but it will definitely need to be tailored. There isn’t any much shape to it at all.)

Evie Dress
(You can still get this at Zappos for around the same price as the sale. It fits like a dream.)

Hopefully you saved up some money, because Rue La La will have Lilly on sale today starting at 11:00 am! If you’re not already a member, sign up here!

And the winner of The Frat Collection gift card giveaway is Ryan Barr! Congrats!

Delight of the Day 1/30

All of this week’s Delights of the Day will come from Vineyard Vines’ new spring collection. I took one look and was instantly in love with so many pieces! If this doesn’t make you want warm weather, I don’t know what will!

Today’s is the Bouquet Dress ($245). This is a lovely dress, and it’s very Lilly-esque. I love everything about it. The hard part is deciding which color I like best.