Kate Spade Suprise Sale

I’m a bit tardy to the party on this one, but I was sick in bed all day yesterday. (Planning trips is stressful!) Kate Spade is having a surprise sale through Wednesday at 11:59, and they’re offering up to 75% off! While I really shouldn’t buy anything due to the fact that I’m completely draining my account for Europe, it is almost my birthday, so I deserve everything something – right? Which is your favorite?

Mount Perry Rumor, $149 (I die over the bow!)

Gold Coast Ginnie, $79 (Tres chic!)

Grove Court Blaine, $199 (I’ve been obessing over this since it came out. Mom, if you’re reading this, this would be the perfect birthday present.)

Belltown Ashlyn, $119 (Polka dot. Enough said.)

Vanston Small Maryclare, $169 (Love the Caribbean color!)

Bow Bridge Helena, $219 (Classic.)

Hit the Dock Rudy, $119 (Anything with a nautical feel <3)

Bondi Road Neda, $59 (More polka dots!)

Pasadena zippered Chrissy, $49 (Who doesn’t love mint?)

Anchors Away Bracelet, $39

Anchors Away Mini Ring, $19

Stripe Kellie Dress, $99 (Fitted striped dresses are my favorite. Adore.)

Checkered Franny Coat, $199 (Please please please, Daddy?)

Delight of the Day 10/10

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Tablet Case from Sloane Ranger, $23. I’ve been keeping it on the DL until now, but I am the lucky winner of an iPad 2 through Sloane Ranger!! How amazing is that? I’ve wanted one for so long but have been kind of hesitant about spending the money. This came as the perfect blessing.

As if giving me an iPad weren’t enough, Sloane Ranger has also sent me one of their Anchor Tablet Cases, which is today’s Delight of the Day. They have so many great patterns, but you know my penchant for anchors, so this was the obvious choice for me!

If you haven’t already checked out Sloane Ranger, I highly suggest you do. They sell everything from phone cases to clutches to umbrellas, and they’re all absolutely adorable. The best part? It’s all extremely reasonably priced. Yay!

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