Krass & Co. Fall Line

I may be sort of partial, but I’m obsessed with Krass and Co. Don’t get me wrong. I, much like you, have a rainbow of Norts in my drawers. The boy has had to drag me past the Nike outlet many a time. But when Pierson approached me about Krass & Co, that all changed.

Campus Crush

I don’t need to tell you how cute they are. The patterns are perfect. Quatrefoil, flamingos, sail boats? Yep – a preppy trifecta. What I do need to tell you is that these are absolutely worth the $39.95 price tag. The quality is totally unbeatable. Sometimes, I kinda feel like my Norts are falling apart after a few washes. Not these. They’re so much better made, and they’re 100% more comfortable than your average pair of running shorts. But, you’re right. Most importantly, they’re adorable.

Palm Beach

So where do you wear them? Well, just check out each pair of shorts’ descriptions. I couldn’t have worded them better myself 😉

 Sailor’s Delight

I’m also loving their line with Serengetee, another company you should definitely check out. The guys sent me a pair of their Americas to review, so expect that soon!

p.s. Use code PREPPYDELIGHT for 20% off their new fall line!

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