Introducing Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant

True life: I have a slight obsession with pearly whites. I’m laughing about 75% of the time I’m awake (my sense of humor isn’t at all discerning), so, if my teeth are yellow, everyone knows. I’ve used whitening tooth pastes, white strips, and natural remedies, which have all been great, but, with all the coffee I drink, they just haven’t been able to get my teeth as white as I would like. I was debating going to the dentist to get professional trays (which work better because they fit your teeth perfectly, so the peroxide is, of course, going to be more effective), but $500 seemed a little crazy. So when I found out that Smile Brilliant could provide the same results for under $120, I was very intrigued.

My package arrived in less than a week. The one they sent me came with three Whitening Gels, three Desensitizing Gels, a carrying case, two trays, and two sets of putty in case you mess up. Good thinking, because, of course, I did. You mix the blue and white together until it’s a nice shade of periwinkle, then you place it in the blue trays and put it in your mouth. Make sure you have a lot of putty in the front. I didn’t have enough my first time, so, when I put the trays in my mouth, my teeth pushed through the front, so there was no mold of my two front teeth! Once I finally got it right, I placed everything in the prepaid envelope, sent it off, and I received my personalized trays in a week! My dad (who’s done the dentist trays in the past) was a little skeptical, but when the trays and molds (so you can create trays again in case you lose them!) came back, he said it was just like what he had paid five times as much for. Pretty awesome.

SAMSUNG CSCNow the fun part starts. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be using the gel to whiten my teeth. I took this “before” picture so you guys could keep me honest at the end. Basically, you take the gel in the syringe labeled “Whitening Gel” and put some into the trays. Be careful, though. When I did my test prior to writing to this post, I put way too much in, and my gums were not happy. Fear not. My favorite part about this system is the Desensitizing Gel. It’s packed with vitamins, so, after you finish the whitening sesh, you clean out the trays, squeeze this in, and let your teeth and gums soak in the minerals. It really helped prevent any sensitivity after using the gel, which is amazing for someone with sensitive gums like I have.

I’ve done a few applications, and I can already see a difference! I’ll do another post in two weeks to let you know how things are going and provide my “after” picture so you can be the judge.

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