Introducing: Firmoo

 If you wear glasses, today’s post is perfect for you. I’ve worn glasses since high school (yep, such a nerd), and now that I’m out in the big world on my own, I’ve realized how expensive glasses and prescription sunglasses are. When Firmoo approached me about a review, I knew I had to share them with you. Finally, affordable eyewear! Most of their frames start at just $36, and even their special lenses aren’t much more. If you love to change up your accessories, these are perfect, because you can buy several pairs for the same price you’d pay at your optometrist.

As long as I’ve worn glasses, I’ve never owned a pair of prescription lenses. On super sunny days when contact lenses just wouldn’t work, I’d have to be essentially blind to wear my shades. Not the brightest idea ever. I thought I’d give Firmoo’s Rx sunglasses a try. I chose their wayfarer sunglasses (OMJ8005), and couldn’t be happier. They’re lightweight and come with the cutest carrying case. The whole ordering process was super simple, too – just call your eye doctor for your prescription, fill out the ordering form, and you’re good to go! Which pair would you order?

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