Fashion First Aid

 A couple of weeks ago, the amazing people behind Fashion First Aid sent me two of their products to try, and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce them to you. All of their products offer solutions to fashion mishaps, and they’re all super reasonably priced.

If you’ve never checked out their website, please do so now! I love how they allow you to “shop by problem.” Bra strap showing while your date is ringing the doorbell? They’ve got a fix for that! Hem coming undone while you’re out? They’ve got a fix for that!

I got to try out the Fashion First Aid Purse-Sized Kit, $10 and the Fashion Staple, $19.95. The kit contains Garment Guards (protects your clothes from deodorant stains), Wundercovers (perfect for protecting your heels while wearing your fav wedges), Quick Fix Sticks (wardrobe adhesive), a Pocksie (a temporary pocket for the inside of a cardigan/jacket/etc.), and a strip of White Collar Grime – essentially everything you could possibly need for mishaps on the go. Everything comes in a sleek envelope that fits perfectly in even the smallest clutches. (I personally think this kit is an absolute essential for everyone!)

The Staple comes with 5 different colors of thread, and it’s perfect for busted buttons or torn seams if you have no clue how to sew/your tailor is out of town when you’re away from home. You use it just like you would a traditional stapler, but it acts just like a sewing machine. I have mine stored in my desk at work, and I’m pleased to say it helped fix a pencil skirt right before a meeting. Phew!

I think these make great gifts, especially if you have a friend/sibling/daughter leaving for school or getting her first apartment. They’re so convenient, and everything is super easy to use. They definitely get my seal or approval! Which product would you try?

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