BluePrintCleanse Part II

 This is the second post in my series about The BluePrintCleanse. To see the first, please click here. In this one, I won’t do an hourly play-by-play, since, by day four, the drinks were routine. Instead, I’ll give a description of each day and how the juices affected me. As always, please feel free to ask me anything!

Day 4

In the wee hours of day four, I’m starting to question if this cleanse was worth it. It’s a great testament to my willpower, but I could have done something that wasn’t half of my rent payment to prove to myself that I have self-control. After juice one, however, this all changes. I’m so glad that I decided to work from home today instead of yesterday, because the juices seriously did their thing. By 4:00, my stomach has never been flatter, and, without sounding cheesy, my body feels clean. This really gives me the boost I need to keep going and not regret spending the money.

Day 5

I open the refrigerator for my first drink and can’t believe I only have two more days. The beginning was definitely a struggle, but it’s flown by. Part of me can’t wait to go to my favorite Greek place next week, but a larger part is kind of panicking about reintroducing solid food into my diet. I’ve read and heard a lot of horror stories about people caving in the middle of the cleanse and getting violently ill, so I wonder what my body is going to do after six days of cleansing and the two days of just veggies before that. Thankfully, I have an early massage to take my mind off things.

After a steaming hot shower to wash off all the toxins, The Boy and I run some errands. I nearly faint twice. My blood sugar is at an all-time low today, and, crazily enough, I feel dehydrated. (Again, I’m drinking 140-150 ounces of liquids each day, so this is essentially impossible.) He stops at Chick-Fil-A on our way home, and I’m ready to bury my face in a Number One meal. I don’t, but I want to.

I took some advice and blended the Cashew Milk with some ice, as it was supposed to mimic a milkshake, but it’s more like a frozen margarita made with Cashew Milk instead of tequila and strawberries. Not. Good. I have to confess that I could only drink half of it. Sorry, BPC!

 Day 6

The last day! As one of my Instagram followers pointed out, there’s light at the end of the refrigerator. I’m feeling extremely empowered today and abide by a strict schedule – 9:00, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00 with water in between. That’s BPC’s recommended schedule, but real life has gotten in the way, so I’ve had to alternate it a bit. (I don’t think it makes a difference, really – just as long as you leave an hour in between each drink.)

Again, today is a pretty intense cleansing day. I’m down five pounds since Tuesday morning. Of course, as soon as I start eating more than 840 calories a day, I’ll gain it back, but it’s a nice feeling. There are even some abs peeking through, so, if nothing else, it was worth it for this.

As I’m drinking the last drink, it’s all a little bittersweet. While I know that getting your nutrients in juice form is easier on your digestive system in terms of the little work it has to do, it’s also pretty rough having all this liquid pouring through your body. I’m very afraid of reintroducing food. I cut up various veggies for Monday at work (BPC recommends only eating one veggie at a time, so I’ll eat one at 9, one at lunch, and one as an afternoon snack), but I know even that might make me sick.

I’d like to say that I’ll always choose healthy foods from now on, but that’s unrealistic. However, this cleanse really has taught me that I don’t need to feel grossly full in order to have energy, which is what had been going on prior to the cleanse. Do I need more than 840 calories on a normal basis? Yes. But I certainly don’t need a bagel and cookies when I get home from work, shortly thereafter followed by two servings of pasta and chicken for dinner, and something sweet to finish up the evening.   That’s just gluttony, and it’s why my body has been feeling so crummy.

This cleanse has also provided me with zero excuses for not working out. If I could work out nearly every day with so few calories and not much sleep (waking up due to drinking so much), I certainly can’t say I’m too exhausted going forward. (Side note: I was VERY sore after doing circuit training. My guess is that my body wasn’t able to recover as quickly as it normally would without protein and sleep.)

I really do feel better inside and out, and I truly believe I can maintain that feeling by making better food decisions and continuing to work out regularly. It’s all very cyclical in that when you’re working out and eating well, you feel good about your body; when you feel good about your body, you choose to work out more and eat better, and BPC was the shock my body needed to get back to that point. Did it change my life and how I view food? No; I knew these things before but was in a rut from which I couldn’t escape. Should you try it? Only if you’re certain you’ll stick to it; it’s too expensive to give up halfway through. Do I recommend three or six days? Six; I didn’t noticed the changes until days four through six, and I’m so so so glad I chose to extend my cleanse.  Would I do it again? Probably not, but not because I regret it. I think I can take the lessons learned and do own cleanse going forward. Plus, then I can use the money I saved to buy myself a present for being so strong!

I hope that these posts provided you with answers to questions you’ve had. Know that my experience with the cleanse is going to be different than yours, because all of our bodies react in different ways. That being said, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions; I’d love to help based on my experience.

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