Introducing Jord Watches

Jord Watch

 I recently got the opportunity to try out a Jord Watch, and I’m so excited share it with you! All of their watches are made from wood, which gives them such a unique style that you won’t see anywhere else. You can custom order the size so it fits your wrist perfectly. (If you’re like me and like big faces on your watch, this is huge. No more watches sliding halfway up your arm throughout the day!) It comes in a beautiful wooden box ready to style. The one I ordered in particular is the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood & Maple, $120. I’m also smitten with the Cora (you know that’s my color!), priced at $275.

Jord Watch

The day I got mine, The Boy and I had dinner plans. I paired with a new dress I got from the Warehouse Sale, some simple pearl studs, and Jack Rogers. I received so many compliments, and someone even stopped me on my way out of the restaurant to ask where I got it! Overall, I think it was a beautiful watch, and the price is really fair for what you’re getting. Which one is your fav?

Wooden Wrist Watch

Lilly Warehouse Sale Recap

 I finally got to go to the Lilly Warehouse Sale this year! I’ve wanted to do this for years but have never actually, so when my friend Courtney asked if I wanted to go, I was game. And guess who else was there? The always-hysterical Becky! Needless to say, even before we got in, it was a good time.

lilly pulitzerMy thoughts on the sale itself? The prices really weren’t that different than the online sales, especially considering how long we all had to wait. However, it was really nice to be able to try everything on instead of hoping for the best. And it was a crazy experience. The volunteers kept everything stocked pretty well, but girls were going nuts over the popovers. It was like Lilly for Target on crack. They were literally chasing after the volunteers as they brought out racks. In spite of the insanity, everything was pretty organized, and the checkout lines were super fast. Overall – would I go again? You bet!

lilly pulitzer

Lilly Warehouse Sale


Since I graduated college and have been back in central PA, I’ve wanted to go to the Lilly Warehouse Sale. However, I wasn’t quite brave enough to go alone. Thankfully, this year, I have a friend! I’ve never been before, so I have no idea what to expect. (Although, after Lilly for Target, I have a feeling it’s going to be insane!)

I imagine it’s going to be a lot of their fall/winter stuff, but a girl can dream of finding these new arrivals, right?