Delight of the Day 2/23

brooks brothers ipad case

Whilst browsing Brooks Brothers this weekend, I happened upon the J.W. Hulme Leather iPad Stand and fell madly in love. I currently have an adorable Lilly Pulitzer iPad case, but, to be completely honest, it started coming apart at the seams after a few weeks. It still functions, but I definitely can’t carry my iPad with me, or the case will lierally fall apart.

leather ipad caseWhile I’m not sure I was looking to spend quite this much on a case, I have to say I’m very tempted. It’s a very handsome case that, with Brooks Brothers and J.W, Hulme behind it, will last a long time. With it’s classic look, it’s something that I could bring into a meeting at work for years to come (as opposed to my Lilly case, which sometimes gets those, “Oh, you young people and your colors!” comments from coworkers). So, J, if you’re reading this, this would be a perfect birthday gift 😉

brooks brothers ipad case


My Healthy Obsession

I recently got to test Crest’s new Pro Health HD two-step toothpaste system c/o BzzAgent, and I’m so excited to share my review with you! I drink a lot of coffee. A lot. So, needless to say, maintaining pearly whites takes quite a bit of work. I’ve been using Crest toothpaste and white strips for years, so I might be a little biased, but I think Crest’s products work best.

crest pro health HD

This new toothpaste system comes with two tubes – one with fluoride to clean your teeth and one with hydrogen peroxide to whiten them. You’re supposed to brush with tube one for a minute, then, without rinsing, brush with tube two for another minute. Even after the first time, I could tell my teeth were cleaner. Like that just-done-the-dentist clean. However, if I’m being completely honest, I’m too lazy to use this every single morning and night. It wasn’t like I used a timer, so I ended up brushing with both until my toothbrush buzzed after two minutes. This meant I spent four minutes each morning and night brushing my teeth, and I’m usually running too late for work in the morning to spend that much time brushing my teeth.

crest pro health HD

So the real test is how well it whitened my teeth. Like I said, I’ve used white strips several times because of how effective they are. My teeth are super sensitive, though, so I tend to only use them for a few days, take a month break, then use them again. This toothpaste is great in that it doesn’t bother my teeth like the strips at all. The downside is that it doesn’t whiten as quickly. I’ve included before and after pictures (both without filters) from my one-week trial. As you can tell, there’s definitely a difference. It’s not huge, but it’s way better than any other toothpaste I’ve ever tried.

crest pro health HDOverall, I’d say that if you have sensitive teeth, this toothpaste is a great way to mimic the results of white strips without the pain. I also think that using white strips super often is bad for your enamel, so using this is a great alternative in the interim. Just keep in mind that it won’t whiten your teeth in one day like the strips, and I think you’ll be very pleased!


Delight of the Day 2/19

smoking slippers

Today’s Delight of the Day is the perfect pair of smoking slippers, and they’re only $24.94! These look just like my Charles Philip Shanghai slippers (that, sadly, cost five times that much). I’m a sucker for anything with stripes, but they also come in coral polka dots and a floral pattern. I love wearing mine with white skinny denim and cute blouses for day dates and shopping. And, at less than $25, how can you say no?

smoking slippers

Real Talk

I’ve kinda been stinky lately. At blogging. Similarly to everyone else in the world, I’ve been so crazy busy with work and school and Junior League and Kappa and 84357439857 other things that blogging has definitely taken the backburner. Any free time I get is usually spent snuggling with Atticus, catching up on my DVR to stay warm in this weather because my brain just needs a break. But, honestly, it’s kind of sucked. Blogging is a great forum for expressing creativity and practicing retail therapy, which has always helped me unwind. Going forward, I promise to be better. Instead of worrying about having dinner ready the second The Boy gets home and about responding to work emails at 9:00, I’m going to take some me time and blog more.

So now I have an ask of you. What would you like to see more of? There are SO many bloggers out there. What makes you read mine? I’d love to take more outfit photos and share, but, let’s be honest – I’m not a model, and it’s super awkward to have your boyfriend take pictures of you walking across the street – so that’s never going to be an everyday thing. But I’m absolutely open to suggestions, so please let me know!




Delight of the Day 2/5

So it really seems like J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are making their move on the home decor market, and I’m definitely not complaining. Their Golden Anchor Jewelry Tray is perfect for any preppy home! (If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a nautical bathroom, so this will definitely be added to the collection.) Right now, it’s priced at $14.50, and, if you spend $125, you get an additional 30% off! Scroll through below to see some of my other favorite new arrivals for spring to get you there:

Delight of the Day 2/2



Like every girl who has ever tried them, I’m in love with Ladurée macarons. While I was in Paris, I literally ate them every single day. Not at all an exaggeration. Whilst avoiding the 8 degree weather this weekend, I found myself growing Pinterest and noticed these adorable Macaron Trinket Boxes from Urban Outfitters, $10.


They’re perfect for storing earrings and rings on your nightstand in a super chic way. Plus, they’re running a special right now where they’re 2 for $16, so buy a couple for an extra cute display, or give one to your bff who’s also trying to channel her inner Blair Waldorf!