Best Sales of the Week

Let’s be honest – dressing well can get pricey. Thankfully for you, I receive 89456456 emails about sales a week. I’m thinking a new feature is in order – best sales of the week. Here are my favorite roundups this week:

J.Crew Factory is offering 40% off sale items with code CLEANUP

Take 20% off Krass & Co. with code fb20k.

Brooks Brothers’ Semi-Annual Sale – take up to 50% off!

Take 25% off Kate Spade with code MORESALE

Happy shopping, my dears!

July Fourth Favorites

By now, you’ve probably noticed that I have a thing for America. I won’t go into all the details, but we’re very obviously the greatest country in the world. As you can imagine, I’m beyond pumped for the Fourth of July. A bunch of friends getting together – grilling and drinking – all to celebrate our amazing nation. Christmas doesn’t hold a candle to this. Not sorry. So what does one wear on the most wonderful day of the year? Thankfully, I’ve got you covered. Krass & Co, Rowdy Gentleman, Smathers & Branson, and a whole slew of other brands are dominating the patriotic look right now, and I’ve chosen a bunch of my favorites just for you!

Ladies’ Flag Shorts

Needlepoint Belt

USA Shorts

Flip Flops

Historical Flags Belt

Embroidered Flag Shorts


Ladies’ V-Neck Shirt

Key Fob


 Boys’ Tank

Flip Flops

Delight of the Day 6/13

I’m a little late to join the Barrington Gifts party, but I’m seriously loving this shop. Personalized bags? Yes, please! I’m particularly smitten with the St. Charles Yacht Tote, $174. It beats the look of a Longchamp any day, and it won’t cause you to forego groceries for the next 12 months like a Neverfull. How could you say no?

p.s. If anyone is feeling particularly generous, I’ll absolutely take one of these.

Delight of the Day 6/12

While browsing Lilly for gifts for my sister’s birthday present, I stumbled upon the cutest USB flash drive keychains. Melly has a serious obsession with elephants, so this is pretty much perfect. At $32, this is a great grad gift for your friends at an awesome price for you! (Plus, while you’re there, you might as well order your agenda!)