Delight of the Day 1/31

Hunter InsolesToday’s Delight of the Day is admittedly kind of boring, butttt I think it could help your life significantly easier. I love my Hunter rainboots. I tried several different types before I finally bought a pair, and they’d always develop a hole after a few months. Not Hunters. But I’m sure I don’t need to convince any of you prepsters to buy a pair. (Just in case, here are my favorite styles: Regents, Original in Mint.)

HunterHowever, I have good news! Know how your feet are always freezing when you wear your boots? Not anymore! Nordstrom sells Shearling Insoles made specifically for Hunter boots. Pair these with some thick socks, and your toes will stay nice and cozy all winter long!

Hunter Regent

Delight of the Day 1/30

skirtToday’s Delight of the Day is the Pleated Polka Dot Skirt from J.Crew Factory, $59.50. This skirt is stinkin’ cute. It’s fun, girly, and overall adorable. I like that the polka dots are super big; it sets it apart from all the other polka dot skirts that are out there right now. J.Crew Rewards cards are on their way, and I’m definitely going to be using mine to get this! What do you think?

Delight of the Day 1/29


Today’s Delight of the Day is the Silk Colorblock Placket Blouse from Banana Republic, $79.50. (Through today, take 35% off with code “BRSAVE35”!) One thing my wardrobe is truly lacking is enough blouses. I love them lately. They’re perfect for work (tucked in to cute pants or skirts), but I also love them with jeans and boots. I really like this one because of the placket and colorblock detail. What’s your favorite place to buy blouses?

Delight of the Day 1/28


Today’s Delight of the Day is the Polka Dot Pullover from J.Crew Factory, $69.50. I ordered this about a month ago, and it finallllly was delivered last week. (It was back ordered, but not anymore!) It was well worth the wait. I am obsessed. If this came in ten different colors, I’d buy them all. It’s so versatile! I wore it tucked into black pants and gold flats, but it would look cute with a skirt, jeans, basically anything.

Delight of the Day 1/25

ginghamshortsAll this cold weather has me craving springtime. Clearly, I need to find a job down South so I can enjoy the warmer weather year-round. Anyway, today’s Delight of the Day will be perfect for the boys once the warm weather hits. Vineyard Vines’ Bush Bay Gingham Shorts, $79.50, are just what I need to see to get me out of these winter blues. Any Northern boys willing to brave the cold in these to make a girl smile? 🙂

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Delight of the Day 1/24


Today’s Delight of the Day is the Peter Pan Merino Sweater from J.Crew, $89.50. I legitimately can’t get enough of the Peter Pan trend right now. I have several blouses featuring this collar, and I simply adore it in sweater form. The stripes are the perfect added bonus! What would you pair it with?

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Anchor Bracelet Giveaway


A few weeks ago, I saw this delightful bracelet on GroopDealz and knew I had to snag a couple for a giveaway. Gold chain bracelets like this have been everywhere lately, but I was kind of hesitant to buy one because they looked bulky. However, the anchor charm was enough to sway me. This week, I’m giving two lucky winners one of these bracelets. The first name Rafflecopter picks will get his or her choice of coral or navy, and the second one will get the remaining color. Just enter via the Rafflecopter (here’s a mobile-friendly version), make sure you do all the mandatory tasks, and you’re in the running. The giveaway will end Sunday at 12:01 am. Good luck!

What’s in My Bag

A bunch of my favorite bloggers have been doing the classic “What’s In My Bag” posts lately, so I couldn’t resist. I tend to have an “It’s better to be safe than sorry” attitude when it comes to packing, so I carry pretty everything a gal could possibly need with me. As you can imagine, my bag tends to be fairly heavy, but you just never know when you might need something!


My bag: a Longchamp Le Pliage in Neutral, $125

  • Emergency items: safety pins (you never know when a seam might rip!), Tide to Go, an emory board (I hate snagged nails!), and a mini lint roller
  • Extras: Kate Spade wallet (I looked high and low for the perfect wallet with enough card slots, and this is it), my Lilly planner (doesn’t leave my side. ever.), Thank You cards (you just never know when someone might help you out!), pens, water, Crystal Light packets, tissues, and a set of pearl earrings (I’m terrified one will fall out and I’ll be walking around with one earring all day!)
  • Touchups: Palmer’s lip balm (love this stuff. who doesn’t want their lips to taste like chocolate?!), bobby pins, hair ties, and a comb

So, clearly, you can always borrow from me if you ever forget anything! What items do you carry everywhere with you?

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Delight of the Day 1/21


Today’s Delight of the Day is a classic pair of boots – the 8″ Gore-Tex/Thinsulate Bean Boots from L.L.Bean, $169. Duck boots are a preppy essential – especially for preps in the North. It can get really cold up here, and, as much as I love my Hunter Regents, they just aren’t warm enough. Plus, I just found out you can order these shearling insoles to make your boots extra toastie, which is perfect for the 14* they’re predicting for this week in PA. Brr!

Added bonus: you can save 15% off the entire website until Wednesday using code JAN15, so that brings it down to!

p.s. Take 40% J.Crew final sale items with code GET40

Delight of the Day 1/16

Today’s Delight of the Day is the Sterling Silver Nautical Monogram Cuff, $92. I’ve been wearing rose gold jewelry a lot lately, but I’m ready to go back to my silver roots, so this bracelet is perfect. I love the nautical-inspired rope-like detail on the edge, and you can never ever go wrong with monograms, right?

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