J.Crew New Arrivals for Fall


It’s almost that time of year. Preppy girls everywhere will be in their autumn uniforms: riding boots, crimson sweaters, and blanket scarves  while carrying a grande skinny Pumpkin Spiced Latte. So where does one find all this autumnal fare? J.Crew. I know, I know. Hear me out.

While J.Crew has been slacking a little bit lately, they’ve gone back to the basics for fall, making them my first stop for back-to-school shopping. Technically, I’m getting my Master’s, so that’s still a thing.  Both regular and Factory have some really great promos going on right now to try to boost sales, and I’m loving the color palette. $138 for a cashmere sweater from J.Crew? Yes, please. Take an extra 30% off of that? I’ll even bring the sale associate a PSL.

Home Chef

Home Chef

True Life: Living With My Boyfriend Has Ruined My Healthy Diet. Seriously. The kid’s main sources of nutrients are Gushers and tortilla chips. In order to combat this apocalypse on my body, I’m always looking for meals we can agree on.

Cue Home Chef. Answer a few questions about your diet preferences (are you vegan? allergic to nuts? prefer meat over fish?), choose the amount you’d like each week, and viola! You’re getting fresh steaks, burgers, chicken, and salads to your door each week. A friend send me an invitation, which included one free meal, so I couldn’t say no. Free steak? Yes, please!

Home Chef

The week I received food, they were offering Bacon Jam Burgers (amazing hamburgers topped with bacon sauteed onions and strawberry preserves – think fancy BBQ sauce) and New York strip steaks with Yukon potatoes. Yes, the all-American dream. However, they have a lot of fish and chicken options, as well as smoothies and fruit if you’re one of those super healthy girls.

The food comes in a crazily well-packaged box filled with ice packs to keep your food cold. Everything is pre-measured for you (they even include the butter you’ll need) in little baggies like the photo above. Each meal comes with a recipe card, which includes instructions + ingredients in case you ever want to try on your own. Both meals I tried took way less than 30 minutes to prep, making them perfect for all you busy bees out there. I ended up ordering four of each so I could share with The Boy and my dad, and both were obsessed. My dad even wants to sign up, and he’s not exactly the gourmet type.

Home Chef

So the question on everyone’s mind: how much does it cost? Each serving is $9.95. If you went to a restaurant to get this meal, depending where you live, you’d spend at least $15. If you made it at home, you’d maybe break even, but you’d have more prep work to do. And I know if you live in the suburbs like I do, you will not get meat this good. Plus, if you use my link, you’ll get $30 off your purchase, which equates to three free meals. (Then, use this link to send it to your friends and keep the dinners coming!) If you’re in PA, I expect a dinner invite. Not kidding.

Side not: I was not endorsed for this post or rewarded in any way (although, Home Chef, if you’d like to send me free food, I’m totally game). I just seriously loved this food and wanted to share!

Delight of the Day 8/18

At the beginning of this year, I stumbled upon the best (read: most affordable) weekender bag ever. However, a week after I shared it, it sold out. Cue devastation across the country. Good news, ladies (and gents)! It’s back. Sole Society‘s weekender bag, $84.95, is the perfect size for long weekends in the Finger Lakes/wherever else you’re dragging your besties for Labor Day Weekend. It fit all of this stuff with room to spare.

leather duffel

$84.95 sounds like a good deal, right? But doesn’t $67.95 sound even better? Here’s how to do it. Sign up with this link; you’ll get a popup with a 20% code. (Tip: you have to sign up with a new email address. If you already have an account, try another email.) Then use this direct link to the bag itself.

Delight of the Day 8/13


I’ve been holding out on you. About a month ago, I got my first shipment of Rocksbox. It’s basically old school Netflix for jewelry. You pay $19 a month, and you get 3 pieces of jewelry from your wish list. Commitment-phobes can send them back for new ones as soon as they’re finished, and serial monogamists can even buy the pieces if they love them. No surprise – I’m obsessed with the necklace I received, so that’s going to be a permanent member of my collection.

Interested? Of course you are. The first three people to sign up with code KIMBFF262 get a FREE month!

Delight of the Day 7/27

If you’re a girl, you love Reese Witherspoon. It’s a fact of life. She’s adorable, she seems like someone you’d actually like in person, and she has the best street style in Hollywood. So, of course, she started her own clothing line – Draper James – and it’s just as cute as she is.

Every piece is charming and girly. The lace detail, the pretty flowers, the eyelet…perfection. There’s even a home collection!  This is a brand I’m really excited to see grow over the next few seasons.

My absolute favorite is the Hillsboro dress in Loretta Rose Magnolia, $150. How precious! I think I deserve it as a gift to myself for finishing my first year of grad school, right?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I swear I’m the only blogger without a Nordstrom card. For shame, I know. Anyway, I’ve been patiently waiting for the sale to go public, and tomorrow is the day! My wishlist is embarrassingly large, but there are some great deals! My number one must-have? These to die for penny loafers from Cole Haan. Browse through my other favorites below:

Prime Day!

While I had such a good time at the Lilly Warehouse Sale, I definitely prefer getting steals from the comfort of my own home. (Anything that allows me to hang out in pjs and buy cute stuff at 30% off is a win in my book!) Needless to say, I’m pumped for Amazon‘s Prime Day. It’s basically Black Friday for Prime members! Not a member? Sign up today so you can score big. (And if you need to be convinced of the perks: free 2-day shipping + free Kindle book rentals + TV streaming = a 20something’s dream.) I’ve read that they’ll have huge discounts on everything from electronics to clothing to shoes, so you’re bound to find something good.

Southern Shirt

Southern Shirt

While I love getting dressed up most days, sometimes, I just want to lounge in a cozy tee. Cue Southern Shirt. I recently had the chance to try out their Flower Logo shirt, $30 and their Pocket Tank, $26, and they did not disappoint. The cotton is super soft, and they’re obviously beyond adorable. I’ve been wearing them everywhere from the gym to my recent shopping spree at Kate Spade. Sorry, savings. Next on my list? The USA Logo Tank. If I haven’t already sold you, maybe this will help: use code Kim10 for 10% off through 7/31!

Southern Shirt


Introducing Jord Watches

Jord Watch

 I recently got the opportunity to try out a Jord Watch, and I’m so excited share it with you! All of their watches are made from wood, which gives them such a unique style that you won’t see anywhere else. You can custom order the size so it fits your wrist perfectly. (If you’re like me and like big faces on your watch, this is huge. No more watches sliding halfway up your arm throughout the day!) It comes in a beautiful wooden box ready to style. The one I ordered in particular is the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood & Maple, $120. I’m also smitten with the Cora (you know that’s my color!), priced at $275.

Jord Watch

The day I got mine, The Boy and I had dinner plans. I paired with a new dress I got from the Warehouse Sale, some simple pearl studs, and Jack Rogers. I received so many compliments, and someone even stopped me on my way out of the restaurant to ask where I got it! Overall, I think it was a beautiful watch, and the price is really fair for what you’re getting. Which one is your fav?

Wooden Wrist Watch

Lilly Warehouse Sale Recap

 I finally got to go to the Lilly Warehouse Sale this year! I’ve wanted to do this for years but have never actually, so when my friend Courtney asked if I wanted to go, I was game. And guess who else was there? The always-hysterical Becky! Needless to say, even before we got in, it was a good time.

lilly pulitzerMy thoughts on the sale itself? The prices really weren’t that different than the online sales, especially considering how long we all had to wait. However, it was really nice to be able to try everything on instead of hoping for the best. And it was a crazy experience. The volunteers kept everything stocked pretty well, but girls were going nuts over the popovers. It was like Lilly for Target on crack. They were literally chasing after the volunteers as they brought out racks. In spite of the insanity, everything was pretty organized, and the checkout lines were super fast. Overall – would I go again? You bet!

lilly pulitzer